HowTo: Apply for Conference Funding

You want to attend a conference and are looking for funding? You should try the HSA Conference Fund:


HowTo: Host Student Events


You want to invite a guest speaker or host any other event at Hertie? You even want to drink alcohol? Here's what you need to know:




The HSA's constitution, funding applications for clubs and conferences, and the all-time favourite alcohol consumption request form--you can find all this (and many more interesting documents) right here:


HowTo: Remote Access to Staatsbibliothek Ressources

So you are interested in this one article in the paper that the Hertie library does not provide access to? Well, chances are that the public library Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Stabi) has access. And the best part: You can use it. Here's how:


Hertie Now and in the Future - Benchmarking Report 2014



Hertie Now and in the Future assesses the Hertie School’s current academic, professional and external offerings and outlines a vision of where students want to see the School by 2024.

The report is based on information gathered through online research, a benchmarking questionnaire, and other survey and anecdotal input from current students and alumni. It compares the Hertie School with eight leading policy schools from around the world.

The report first assesses the Hertie School now in comparison to the academic, professional and external engagement offerings of other public policy schools.