Green Office

The Green Office is the Hertie School's student led sustainability initiative. We focus on issues of the environment and sustainability more broadly by working towards concrete changes at our school and by organizing events.
For instance, we have worked together with our cafeteria to increase the offer of organic and fairtrade products. In March 2015 we organized five day long Sustainability Days with events, talks and workshops, including a Farmer's Market in the cafeteria area. We also organize the popular Back to School Sale during the first week of terms where we sell sustainable stationary to raise funds for charity and making people aware about eco-friendly options for study material.

If you're interested in getting involved with the Green Office please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mission Statement

Why a Green Office

Following the mission of the School – Understand Today, Shape Tomorrow – we see the need to create a greater understanding about how our actions today shape the world of tomorrow. In the realm of politics and society this is a difficult proposition indeed. Yet, when it comes to the natural environment the science is clear: the earth’s resources are finite, and in order to preserve a planet where indefinite future generations of humanity will be able to thrive we must create economic systems that are sustainable.

The Green Office proposes to provide a platform from which to take action – to engage Hertie students, faculty, and staff in spirited initiatives to create a more ecologically sustainable institution. Therefore, the Green Office aspires to integrate sustainability into the daily routines of the School and to foster a culture that encourages students and faculty to make conscious decision about their usage of resources.


What is green?

“Green” - for us - describes ecologically sustainable behavior and systems. The Green office works towards improving the ecological sustainability of the school embedding ecology in a wider understanding of sustainability encompassing social and economic issues.


Our goals

Our ambition to become a “greener” School implies that we should rethink organizational arrangements and behaviors in the context of the School towards their ecological and social ramifications. Our plan is to engage in a joint learning experience by consulting with students, faculty and staff to find realistic, flexible and implementable ways to shape our study and working life at Hertie in a more sustainable way.


Join us

We invite Hertie students, faculty, and staff to joins us in working towards a more ecologically sustainable institution. E-mail us to be put on our mailing list and learn about our current activities and regular meetings.


Like us

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